A Tumblr dedicated to The Lost Boys themselves and to the fans!

I will be posting gifs (perhaps some I will make), edits I make, screencaps of mine, screencaps I find, quotes, and just about anything that has to do with The Lost Boys.


I feel bad for all of the people that have been a fan of this blog and loved when I posted/reblogged TLB stuff. I haven’t gotten on here for an incredibly long time so I feel like it’s time to shut the blog down.

Would you guys like me to 

A) Keep the blog up so you can find TLB goodies


B) Delete it as a whole

I just wanted to thank you all for following me and giving me such nice messages telling me how much you love this blog. I really appreciate it :)

madnessofsilence-deactivated201 said: This is quite possibly my favorite place to find Lost Boys stuff. You are made of awesome. I was wondering if you knew about the mess up pictures from when they were shooting just the Lost Boys gang. Like your background pic. They messed up a fan at one point and Star's hair was going everywhere, and a ton of others. I had them at one point but I can't find them anymore.

Haha! Very nice :)

And thanks!

Anonymous said: how they make the movie?

I’m sorry, I don’t know how to answer your question :(

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